Ever since I started working full time in restaurants 15 years ago, all of my efforts have been directed towards the goal of starting my own restaurant. I've worked at many restaurants in different corners of the world; the Netherlands, Tenerife (near the shores of Africa, but part of Spain), Australia and New-Zealand, and of course Toronto. I did this to gain as much experience as I could with the intention of combining the best dishes and flavours of these worlds, eventually serving them in my own place.

Therefore, the combination of these experiences creates an original menu that contains not only delicious but also authentic food: Australian Kangaroo meat, Dutch pancakes, papas arrugatas with mojo sauce from the Canary Islands, Canadian in-house cut fries and a lot more which I recommend you come check out yourself. Needless to say, Real Mo-Mo's uses only real products instead of liquid eggs from cartons or fake chocolate to establish these dishes.


51 Colborne St.

Toronto, ON M5E 1E3

(647) 343-8801


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